Sunday, April 20, 2008

wished I could buy them all

Me and my friend Vangie visiting an orchid store in Quezon City. The flowers are so lovely, how I wished I could buy them all. But I'm not rich so they are only wishes, he,he,he. They are not very reasonably priced either so I have to be contented with just buying two pots for the varieties I still don't have in my collection.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

garden visit

While in Tagaytay, we passed by Ming's Garden. They do not sell orchids there but the flowers in their greenhouse are worth seeing...they are indeed lovely. They have unique comfort rooms also. There are plants even inside the comfort rooms.

farm visit in tagaytay

I'm with my friends in Gintong Talulot Orchid Farm. We didn't have the chance to buy orchids there because whenever we ask for the price of the plants we want to buy, the caretaker tells us what we chose are not for sale.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

another yellow vanda

This vanda produces average sized flowers that lasts for a month. The petals have tiny brown spots that complement the yellow color.


Our son Lance behind one of the orchid show's displays.

orchid store

With my good friend Vangie again in an orchid store in Quezon City. They sell nice flowers there but their prices are not reasonable. Hindi ako bumili dito, sobrang mahal naman kasi e, napasimangot tuloy ako sa picture...


Amidst thousands of vanda... The weather is really hot but I enjoyed my farm visit nevertheless.

red vanda

I also bought this one from a farm in San Rafael, Bulacan. The flowers are not that big but the velvety petals are in deep red color.